Our drama will be called Virgin Journey (tentatively, at least). We will be producing a drama and movie based on the story of Xu Fu who brought with him 3000 virgin boys and girls to Japan.

Qin Shi Huang (Chinese: 秦始皇; lit.: “First Emperor of Qin” 18 February 259 BC – 10 September 210 BC) was the founder of the Qin dynasty and the first emperor of a unified China. He ordained Xu Fu, a Zhifu islander to seek for him the elixir of life.

In the virgin voyage, Xu Fu traveled on ships carrying thousands of boys and girls in search of the elixir in the mystical Penglai mountain.

The fun:D has just begun.

We will be recruiting actors, child to teenager to young adults for the project and as such will be giving selected candidates intensive idol training programs to qualify them for their acting career with us. This is a humongous epic project and at least 3000 candidates will be selected.

Interested candidates, please submit the online form. Not all fields are required but we would appreciate if you could let us have as much information of yourself as possible. You may also contact us for further information if you wish.


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