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Gender Games & The Mixed Up

For the longest time, the idol scene, especially in the idol groups department has been very much dominated by the boys not only in East Asia (South Korea, Thailand, China, etc.) but also the world over. There are of course numerous girl groups but the winners always seem to be the boys so much so that the entertainment companies churning out...

BLACKPINK Beat BTS To The Records With “How You Like That”

YG Entertainment just released a massive hit by BLACKPINK. How You Like That. It is a record breaking production as the song broke the records as published in The Guiness Book Of Records. Yes, and it beat the equally massively huge BTS.

It’s Summer Time And The *Living Is Easy

iKON must be one of the most fashionable KPop groups ever. They are a good looking bunch of boys. They are sleek and cool. So, this summer, take a closer look at what they wear at the beach, and what you can do for yourself as well.

Huang Wenrui 黄文锐: Handsome Boy Singing With Great Passion

Huang Wenrui is a "student" at the fourth season of the Music MasterClass or 音乐大师课 2020. Born on 2009, February 11, which makes him just 11 years old, Wenrui is a good looking boy with a strong and cool voice. The MasterClass is a joint production of Beijing TV Station and Beijing Shixi Media Culture...

Handsome China Model “Singing” In Douyin

Our handsome model from China is singing his tune. So cool and casual yet so sleek. Our idol model is beautiful...


Lin Yi, if you have not yet known him, is a Chinese actor and model. His name 林一 in Chinese means number 1 as his parents had named him after his birth date, 1999 January 11 or 19990111. True to his name, he became famous overnight after the release of the Web drama "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" "致我们暖暖的小时光"

SNH48 Dancing Joyfully On The Beach Again This Summer

SNH48 is an pop idol girl group based in Shanghai, China. It is based on the concept of the creator of AKB48, Yasushi Akimoto which features "idols you can meet". AKB48 is an idol group named after the Akihabara (Akiba for short) area in Tokyo, Japan and comprising initially of 48 female member idols.


The popularity of the pop group has skyrocketed to at an amazing speed and it is now known all over the world despite its short recent history. To say that they are talented is an understatement! Let's R1SE!

OMG! There Has Been A Lot Of Fake News, And Now Comes Fake Love…

However, for Fake Love to penetrate the KPop constellation, it is almost unimaginable. Is that why this song is such a game changer for BTS that it has erupted into the International Pop scene.

Prevalence Of Suicide Among KPop Idols

There is a prevalence of suicides among Korean stars and celebrities, several of whom are still young and starting out in the career. So it seems. Sadly, we may never...

China Latest Batch Of Hot Idols

This summer, things get much hotter with several of these guys appearing on the screens with delicious dramas. And, yes, in case you haven't watched any of these dramas, it is time to do so.
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