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Goodbye My Princess: A Tragedy You Love To Watch?


It’s like something or somebody you love to hate yet you keep turning it on as it comes to you a whopping series of over 50 episodes. Goodbye My Princess or Eastern Palace 东公告 is a period or historical drama based on the novel by Ai Jingjing or 艾晶晶 whose pen name is Fei Wo Si Cun 匪我思存. It is hugely popular in spite of its tragic ending, no spoiler intended.

First released in February 14, 2019 on Youku.com, it later had its content optimized and then relaunched on October 28, 2019. In January 14, 2020, it was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV Idol Theater 湖南卫视偶像独播剧场. It is a beautifully produced high quality television series starring Chen Xingxu as Li Chengyin, Peng Xiaoran as Qu Xiaofeng and Shawn Wei as Gu Jian.

It tells the story of the beloved ninth princess, Qu Xiaofeng, from the Western Liang Kingdom or Xizhou, who was to be married to the fifth prince, Li Chengyin, who later became the crown prince of the Li Dynasty. The two met by chance when Xiaofeng followed his father on a journey to Shangjing to meet the Emperor of the Li Dynasty. It is a love story between the two but ended tragically with Qu Xiaofeng jumping off the legendary Forgotten River with her last wish for Li Chengyin to lead a good life.

It is enough to watch the series just for the visuals alone. The scenes from the drama ranges from exotic to exquisite to the grandiose in an ancient setting, played by the most beautiful actors and actresses. They acted superbly and have great chemistry on the set. The costumes are just splendidly gorgeous!

The plot albeit its sad ending has its twists and turns filled with love and romance, action and cold hearted schemeful manipulations that evoke sweet, lovely and affectionate emotions mixed with a palette of heartbreaking and painful fateful feelings, moving you on a roller coaster giving you a hyper sense of joyful excitement to despair and eventually ultimate sadness. What is amazing is that love and romance have been retained and perhaps even grown stronger despite the devious actions brought about by the murderous acts of revenge and lust for power. And, it is not just believable but you actually live it.

Viewers find it hard to rate the drama because of their conflicts over the beauty and its so-called bad ending. Eventually, it ended up with a high rating but not over the top! Still, overall, based on the number of hits alone, viewers from all over the world just love this drama!




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