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Huang Wenrui 黄文锐: Handsome Boy Singing With Great Passion

@Music MasterClass 2020

Huang Wenrui 黄文锐 is a “student” at the fourth season of the Music MasterClass or 音乐大师课 2020. Born on 2009, February 11, which makes him just 11 years old, Wenrui is a good looking boy with a strong and cool voice. The MasterClass is a joint production of Beijing TV Station and Beijing Shixi Media Culture Co., Ltd.

The first season of “Music MasterClass” premiered on March 28, 2015, and was broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV at 21:18 every Saturday night. The second season was broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and Sichuan Satellite TV at 21:18 every Saturday night from February 13, 2016.

Its third season was broadcast from April 30, 2017 every Sunday at 21:10 on Beijing Satellite Television, and from August 18 every Friday night at 21:10 on Guangdong TV broadcast. The fourth season of MasterClass was broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV every Friday from 21:18 on January 17, 2020.

In the 12-episode program, 16 talented teenagers from 6 to 13 years old sing classic or popular songs under the guidance of 4 top musicians. The teenagers go through the music class and report their performances, under the care of the music teacher as well as the original singer of the song. A special observation and listening group composed of cultural masters and original singers are intimately in contact with the students to guide them in the completion of the singing of 100 classic Chinese and foreign songs.

Huang Wenrui is one such student in the masterclass, and in spite of his youthful age, he sings with great passion.

Handsome Prince Singing His Heart Out

Huang Wenrui’s signature song must be 飞云之下 or Under The Flying Clouds. His beautiful rendition of the song was very well received by the audience both online and offline, domestic or international, and by his fellow classmates and teachers. He sings with intimate emotion as if he is traveling under the sea of clouds…

In the short span of the program, the students who leave the “class” have already done very well in their musical career. For example, Song Yaxuan is now just 16 years of age is now a popular idol in the Chinese pop group, TNT 时代少年团 which is part of the TF Family group which have brought us the TF Boys.

Without doubt, super talented Huang Wenrui will join the ranks of these idol boys and make a successful career for himself if he chooses to.

Anyway, he is still only 11 years old and so has a long way to go with lots of room for growth as an idol. What kind of pop group do you think he should join? Or what is the name of the group that you think he should fit in.


Say, you read it here first. And, watch this space…


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