iKON must be one of the most fashionable KPop groups ever. They are a good looking bunch of boys. They are sleek and cool. So, this summer, take a closer look at what they wear at the beach, and what you can do for yourself as well.

It may seem casual. The boys may look jovial and easy. Well, but everyone “in the know” realizes that if you want to be taken seriously in the world of surf and skate, you must dress the part for it. And, of course, that applies to guys too.

Alright, we are in the midst of a pandemic but fret not, lotsa people are doing it virtually, make belief with the real thing. Okay, this year, we will miss B.I, our lovely rapper as he is no longer in the group. However, he seems to be alive and kicking and doing well, creating his own music. Anyway, if you read on, do it, do it virtually or make believe…

It is not just clothing for an outdoor lifestyle, skating and surfing apparel is a way of life, especially for those looking to dress for the summer style. Skating, surfing, and motocross require participants and spectators to look their best and those who take the sports seriously know that dressing the part is an important part of the whole scene.

Summer Fashion Brought To You By IDOLFASHION.COM

Everyone “in the know” realizes that if you want to be taken seriously in the world of surf and skate, there is a real need for the latest in active wear with all the hot styles from the hot brands, fitting the lifestyle from head to toe. The cutting edge designs speak volumes about the time and effort that goes into all aspects of an athlete’s quest to be the best. The hottest surf and skate stores remain focused on their industry while also making their stores seem unconventional when compared to other clothing stores. They hold a hip vibe that attracts many trendy clients.

Accessories such as sandals, hats, beach bags and sunglasses from famous brands are available as well. Whether looking for bags, luggage, or beach towels, if you want to live the surf and skate lifestyle, you need to get in on what everyone else is wearing.

When heading to the beach with the surfboard, dressing to impress can make a difference in appearance, letting everyone know that clothing styles are just as important as surfing styles. Surfers and skaters who live their sport in and out will tell you that dressing the part is a traditional way for skaters and surfers to really be a part of what they love.

So, if you really want to dress the part and fit in with the serious skaters and surfers, finding the perfect apparel is vital to your success. Although it won’t likely make you a better athlete, at least you will look as if you are meant to surf and skate.

It’s the pandemic! It’s time for fun:D? Yeah… play it safe… on your make belief beach if you are not living near one.

Note of caution: OK. It’s the pandemic, OK! Don’t need to panic. Life does not stop here but don’t stop your life. Play it well, play it safe and stay alive… and kicking!


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