Yiyi Art Education School or 艺翌艺术教育培训学校 “Yìyì Yìshù Jiàoyù Péixùn Xuéxiào” is a great training institution for models of all ages, from kids to young adults. It is also a school for all kinds of professional training that is skewed towards the arts and the service industry, such as for flight attendants, dancers, photographers. Hailing from Shandong Province, China, Yiyi has produced numerous models. The Chinese believe in the importance of an all round education, especially with the arts in the curriculum.

Most of the students, including females are over 1.8m with many over 1.9m tall. So, they are tall, beautiful and gorgeous! Over the years, a large number of outstanding students have been trained and successfully admitted to various prestigious tertiary institutions and universities and they have also become very successful in their own careers.

Since their name of Yiyi Art Education School sounds like “One One” in Mandarin Chinese, it is also well known as 11 Model coming with its accompanying Website address

Indeed, they have lived up to their nickname and, as of 2019, they have won 17 championships, 90 top three and top ten awards, with a total of 37 successfully signed with major model agencies.

We are sure they will produce even more models and idols as we move along. So watch out for 11Model!

YiYi Mini Gallery


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